Landlord Gas Safety Inspections in Taunton & surrounding areas

Landlord Gas Safety Inspections

For rented properties it is the Landlord's responsibility to ensure it is gas safe and they must be able to provide their tenants with an up-to-date Gas Safety Certificate (Record) to show that gas appliances have had an annual gas safety inspection check by a Gas Safety Registered engineer.

It is also a legal requirement that Landlords make sure all gas appliances, pipe work and flues are checked annually by a Gas Safety registered engineer.

Minimum Checks On Landlords Annual Safety Checks

Regulation 26.9 forms the basis of these checks and should include (but not limited to): 

  • Burner pressure and/or gas rate (preferable both). 
  • Operation of safety devices 
  • Spillage test 
  • Ventilation check 
  • Appliance is securely fitted or fixed 
  • Flue termination (where appropriate) 
  • Flame picture (where visible) 
  • Condition of case and case seal (where appropriate) 
  • Any evidence of spillage, bad combustion or signs of distress 
  • Cleanliness and size of catchment space on radiant gas fires and Inset Live Fuel Effect fires (ILFE) 
  • Condition of flexible hose on a cooker 
  • Condition, number and position of artificial coals or logs on an ILFE or Decorative Fuel fires (DFE)

After we have carried out a gas safety inspection on a gas appliance we will issue the landlord and tenant with a Gas Safety Certificate on completion of the job which gives a description and the location of each appliance checked, explains what checks we carried out, any remedial work required or completed, that it meets the correct safety standards and when it needs to be checked again. 

As a landlord you must provide the tenant with this Gas Safety Certificate within 28 days of the inspection being carried out or at the start of a tenancy.

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