MOT Style Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Since April 6th 2018, new regulation has come into effect that introduced a new MOT style approach to gas safety inspections.

The amendments introduced to the existing Gas Safety Regulation allow for any servicing work required on a property to be completed up to two months before the anniversary of a previous check.

This can be done without compromising the existing expiry date on a previous check at the property.

Our Software accommodates for this automatically, if there is an existing Gas Service Reminder Due Date on the job address, within the software.

The amendments allow for a safety check to be done up to 60 days in advance of the previous due date.

If a safety certificate is issued within that 60 day window, the next service due date will be 12 months from that due date.

If issued outside the 60 day window, or if there is no existing due date already, the software will simply add 12 months to the issue date of the certificate.

These dates of course can be edited manually as well.