Hot Water, what ever the demand

What are the key factors when deciding on the best home heating and hot water system?

When it comes to choosing the most suitable heating & hot water system for a property, its size and the number of people using it are key considerations. But it's also important to factor in the types of bathroom and shower room, the lifestyle of the people and the fuel sources.

For smaller properties with a single bathroom and a moderate demand for hot water, a combi boiler is often the perfect solution. There is negligible overlap in the demand for hot water and the delivery performance is not compromised.

For bigger properties with more than one bathroom and more people, the demand for hot water is much higher and there is often a demand for the simultaneous delivery of hot water at peak times. In this size of property, stored hot water in a cylinder is usually the best option. Hot water can be called on as required, feeding showers and baths simultaneously with mains-pressure flow rates maintained.